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The Methys PCS : Innovation lies in the redesign of a machine to optimise its operation, energy consumption and environmental impact.

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Passive scalps have been around for decades. They were used before the arrival of synthetic total weed killers. Today, the energy and climatic contexts have changed. The total redesign of a scalper led us to meet the following objectives :

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Be able to scalp at 3cm across the whole width to keep freshness and limit CO2 emissions
  • Keep crop residues on the surface => have a lot of clearance to avoid blockages with a tine tool
  • To be able to work in the presence of large plant cover

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Very low energy consumption and uncompromising scalping quality

  • Low working depth control 7 ground contact points, perfect ground tracking
  • 12 depth control wheels
  • 3 dimensional" control by isostatically supported frame/extensions and 3D deformable structure
  • Real trailed machine to avoid the tractor’s movements when moving forward
  • Low fuel consumption (3l/ha in second pass and 6.5l/ha in first pass)

A machine adapted to conservation agriculture

  • Large clearance to eliminate blockages : destruction of plant cover, management of large volumes of crop residues)
  • Penetration power to be able to do the first pass in stubble ploughing (even with a large quantity of straw)
  • Limiting soil disturbance by being able to work precisely at a shallow depth of 2 to 11 cm

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Unprecedented horizontal and vertical clearance for perfect ground tracking

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