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The Easy Drill is the fruit of almost 40 years of intense research and development.
It is acknowledged today as the ultimate professionals’ reference.

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The Easy Drill tandem : the key to precision !

Easydrill Serie 10

The Easy Drill has the same coulter system as a beetroot seed drill: A front wheel and a back wheel control the drilling depth.
The placement of the seed is very regular. With the Easy Drill, you can switch to direct drilling without compromising the placement quality.

Available until 4 hoppers

3 trémies Easydrill
In a single pass, the Easy Drill is able to seed 4 products, at 4 different rates, and dissociating 2 different seeding depht, on all rows or one row out of two, two rows out of three. The Easy Drill could fertilizer in the furrow, or plant two products in the same seeding line.

Polyvalence Easydrill

A versatile drill

Because we work with living things and the climate, our drilling conditions are unpredictable. In front of this uncertainty, being able to rely on an versatile seed drill - thus fronting new drilling conditions - is reassuring. It is a real agronomical and psychological comfort.

With the Easy Drill, you are able to seed into a tilled seedbed, into a no-tilled soil or even into covercrops.

Adapt the pressure level

to your needs

Beware, pressure is essential in dry conditions but it becomes disabling as soon as it rains. For this reason, the Easy Drill can modulate its pressure level from 0 to 250Kg. Depending on seeding conditions, you can increase the pressure on the press wheel, the front wheel or the drilling disc. This hydraulic setting is progressive. Under wet conditions, transfer the weight on the front. However, in dry rape seeding conditions, increase the pressure of the rear cast iron wheels.

Pression jusqu'à 250 kg

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