Easydrill (partie 2)


A precise metering unit

The Easy Drill has a stainless steel metering mechanisms very precise : from 1 to 450 Kg/Ha to 10 km/h in wheat.
Calibration test is automatized and needless to change flutes when using different seed.

Fast emptying of hoppers

With a 2 parts folding, you can empty the hoppers in a big bag : a real time saving !

Repliage en 2 parties
2 circuits séparés

2 separated air circuits

To sow several products with different rates, the Easy Drill is able to set different air pressure into circuits.
> No sorting between a small seed and a big seed
> No risk of blocking between the fertiliser and the seed
> Management of two different depths
> No risk of shoot burn with certain fertilisers
> If the fertiliser clogs, the seed keeps on flowing

A mechanical distribution

In this range, there are also mechanical distribution drills, for 3m and fixed 4m models.
The compartmentalized hopper allows sowing until 3 several products, at 3 different doses, by dissociating 2 seeding depht.
This drill is eqquiped with a peg-wheel metering for small et larde seeds, and a helical stainless steel for fertilisers and seeds.
The Easy Drill has a bottom flap, that allows a complete emptying of the hopper.

Easydrill mécanique

2 configurations


S Line

HD Line

Event d'air

S Disc HD Disc Niaux 200