Maxi Drill

Titre Maxidrill

After 15 years of development, the MaxiDrill is today a reference on the market.

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The best clearance on the market
to work fast in all conditions

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The Maxi Drill is made for high drilling speed, and for working later at fall and earlier at spring.
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3 produits
In a single pass, the Maxi Drill is able to seed 3 products, at 3 different rates, and dissociating 2 different seeding depht, on all rows or one row out of two, two rows out of three. The Maxi Drill could fertilizer in the furrow, or plant two products in the same seeding line.
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The drill that make the difference
at the end of seasons

On the folding Maxi Drill range, the 2 functions soil consolidation and transport wheels are separated.

The folding Maxi Drill range has in standard a real transport axle. The packer roller is not in use at all during the transport on the road, to prevent a risk of damage.
During work, the transport axle stay out of the ground.

Up to 120 kg per disc

Two rows of identical leaf spring mounted coulters provide up to 120kg per coulter for consistent penetration and seeding depth even in tough conditions.
This system allows a large clearance between each seeding lines.
The Maxi Drill is fitted depressurisers to vents the air pressure and allows seeds to drop under their own weight into the soil reducing bounce and the risk of uneven seed depth.

Cultidisc seeding line

A machine created to work well and fast

The Maxi Drill has been thought to take high constraints due to important work speed. This drill is able to work des sols travaillés superficiellement ou plus profond, ou bien en direct.

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