DX30+ mounted fertilizer spreader: ease of use and autonomy


DX30+ at a glance :

  • 12 to 36 m working width
  • Hopper capacity 1500 to 3000 liters of fertilizer
  • Width adjustment by changing the feed point on the disc
  • ISO 9001-certified construction quality
  • Long-lasting paint

7-year warranty

Sky is now offering a 7-year anti-perforation corrosion warranty for its DX, X, and XT fertiliser distributors, manufactured from 1 September 2019.

The features DX30+

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Inclined flow hatches: more than just a detail

3 strong arguments:

Integral drainage for ZERO "dead" volume No sensitivity to fertilizer hopper load Instant opening/closing without jamming

trémie DX30

Adjustments and draining: enjoy easy things at last!

Once the chute is in place, simply measure the distance indicated on the ruler and weigh the result. This same ruler will then give you the correct trap setting.

3 strong arguments:

Maximum accessibility Quick-fit trunking... keyless No cumbersome handling.

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The spreading widths you've been waiting for... with ease

With the DX30+, it's :

36 m with good quality fertilizer 28 m for all fertilizers. Graduated sectors redesigned for your comfort:

Large sectors for error-free width adjustment, and full visibility of graduations regardless of the number of hectares spread.


Sky spreader width control is the benchmark for centrifugal spreading

Developed on the DPX range and perfected on the DX range, our width control is the benchmark for centrifugal spreading. It works by modifying the point at which the fertilizer falls onto the disc, using an exclusive outlet chute.

1. The chute: inclined, it guides the fertilizer precisely onto the tray.

2. The drop point: this is the essential device for guaranteeing large widths. Its adjustment does not require any change in the rotation speed of the plates, nor any touching of the ejection blades.


Fertilize your borders instantly without getting out of the tractor!

100% electric

Electric control from the cab without leaving the tractor No hydraulic distributor Zero broken grain

In keeping with the logic of modifying the drop point No alteration of your fertilizer

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When weighing rhymes with profitability

A recognized weighing system with dual weighing chassis, ultra-capacitive 10T load cell and 4 leaf springs.

The benefits of weighing :

No more repeated flow tests! 5-10% fertilizer savings In-cab weighing information display

Continuous flow measurement with Sky weighing

The SKY weighing system: precision equipment

  • Aim for kilo-accuracy with automatic flow adjustment from the cab.
  • A single factory-calibrated “all stainless steel” weighing cell, fully protected by the weighing frame, rather than a multiplication of reference points.
  • An inclinometer integrated into the electronic board guarantees high measurement accuracy on both slopes and inclines.

DX30 ECONOV competitive section cut-off through flow control

The ECONOV 6-section cutterbar minimizes fertilizer overdosing on working widths from 18 to 36 m.

For GPS optimization of fertilizer distribution on field edges and in corners, action on the "flow" parameter is a relevant response for the DX30+ distributor, as it avoids overdosing and significantly improves field distribution.

The eco-evaluation study carried out by IRSTEA and KEREVAL shows fertilizer savings of 7% and a reduction of more than 20% in under- and over-dosed areas.

The DX30+ is ISOBUS

Sky DX30+ fertilizer spreaders with weighing and electric control of rate shutter opening/closing can be connected to a compatible ISOBUS Universal Terminal already present on the farm.

This is a real plus in terms of ease of use for the farmer, and also a real argument when reselling a machine.

You can now choose between our 2 Quartz 800 and Quartz 600 consoles (with UT functions only).

Technical data

TYPE DX 30+ DX 30+ DX 30+ DX 30+
Working width 12-36 m 12-36 m 12-36 m 12-36 m
Flush hopper capacity 1500 l 2150 l 2350 l 3000 l
Overall width 2,48 m 2,48 m 2,98 m 2,98 m
Loading dimensions 1.23 x 2.40 m 1.23 x 2.40 m 1.23 x 2.80 m 1.23 x 2.80 m
Loading height 1,06 m 1,27 m 1,29 m 1,49 m
Weight (indicative) weighed version 305 kg 350 kg 355 kg 400 kg
Payload 3,000 kg 3,000 kg 3,000 kg 3,000 kg

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