Rotary harrows

Sky rotary harrows

Rotary harrows that set new standards. Good seedbed preparation is essential for good yields.

Sky offers a wide range of power harrows.
Their sturdiness, quality of work and ease of use are sure to satisfy you.

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Cultiline HRV
Seedbed preparation tool
Indisputably well-made
1m - 1.3m - 1.5m - 1.8m - 2m
Seedbed preparation tool
3 rows of teeth
available in 3 working widths
3.00 m - 3.50 m and 4 m
Seedbed preparation tool
2 rows of crenellated discs
available in 3 working widths
3.00 m - 3.50 m and 4 m
Seedbed preparation tool
Transport safety
4m - 4.5m - 5m - 6m
Seedbed preparation tool
Rotary harrow, 4 rotors per m
available in 3 fixed working widths
2.50 - 3.00 m - 3.50 m and 4 m

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Soil conservation
console cabine
Isobus technology
qualité de scalpage
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