An innovative company Expert since 1936

We are a 250-person company specializing in the design, production and marketing of soil preparation, seeding and fertilization solutions for agriculture. Founded in 1936, SKY Agriculture is a family-run business with over 80 years’ experience in these fields.

La Conillais
La Conillais
Frandent, Osasco

Meeting agronomic challenges

Agriculture is facing new challenges: producing more to feed the planet, producing better to preserve resources. Faced with these challenges, SKY Agriculture works alongside you to provide better support and advice: we test prototypes and machines in partnership with dozens of farmers in France and Europe.

We are in close contact with fertilizer and seed manufacturers to anticipate your needs and fine-tune our services, such as the FERTITEST application for adjusting your SKY Agriculture fertilizer spreader. Our Ferme de l’Epine, an active training and agronomic experimentation center, is a showcase for our know-how.

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A passion that has lasted for 3 generations

In 2019, Julien Burel took the helm of the family holding company Fabien Burel. The aim is to ensure the survival of the company founded by his grandfather in 1936, to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture, and to enable farmers to take pride in the excellence of their work. To achieve this, the brand remains focused on human values, quality of work and proximity to farmers.

Julien Burel cultivates his roots.

Holding Fabien Burel, which is independent and 100% family-owned, has always been managed with the Burel family’s values in mind: a passion for the world of agriculture with a long-term business vision, subsidiary specialization, and a company based first and foremost on people with a sense of social and environmental responsibility.
Much more than a manufacturer, SKY Agriculture has been listening to and supporting farmers for over 80 years, helping them to optimize their performance and farming practices. The specialist strategy pursued for 3 generations has enabled the company to differentiate itself through simple, useful innovations and local services dedicated to farmers.

copies sold

1936 - Super Sulky

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2000 - HR

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1959 - Sulky Rotor



Useful innovation

Five percent of sales are reinvested in R&D to equip our machines with the best technologies. In order to accelerate the development of our products, we have always forged partnerships with Europe’s leading research institutes: IRSTEA, DLG, CETIM, CEMAGREF…

The new research center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as the robustness bench, the only one of its kind in Europe. Our technologies are protected by a portfolio of dozens of patents, and our innovations are recognized and awarded at major trade shows (Agritechnica, SIMA, etc.).

R&D Sky Agriculture

Sulky, Sky and Prolog become SKY Agriculture

With the unveiling of the new name that now unites its three historic brands under a single banner – SKY Agriculture – the French family-owned group Burel has completed a transformation whose foundations were laid 10 years ago. It’s a move which, beyond a simple change of identity, opens the door to a tenfold dynamic in terms of innovation to serve agriculture in Europe.

While the family-owned group, owner of the historic Sulky, Prolog and Sky brands, reports record results for the 2022-2023 campaign, with consolidated sales of 85 million euros for the 22-23 financial year, its management continues to work on its evolution. SKY Agriculture’s stated aim? To be at the side of tomorrow’s farmers, with a wide range of innovative equipment, adapted to the new needs of agriculture in Europe. Over and above the name change, this is the culmination of a carefully considered process of reflection around a ‘mono-brand’ strategy and positioning, since the first milestones in the transformation of this solid group were laid 10 years ago.

Together as one.

*To be one.

Our 10 agronomic and technological solutions


Precision fertilization

The Econov' technology on our fertilizer spreaders reduces fertilizer consumption by around 9% by limiting overdosing at crossings during spreading, but also underdosing thus ensuring even spreading (INRAE, 2015).

Easydrill P250

Sowing and planting cover crops

Sowing plant cover helps to absorb mineral nutrients from the soil and limit their leaching (loss of 50kgN/ha/year on average). Successful plant cover (6T of dry matter per hectare) also fixes 2.4tonnes of carbon per ha (N. Courtois, 2014).

easydrill 7

Organic fertilizers for AB

Our trailed fertilizer drills and distributors enable the passage of organic fertilizers, providing a solution for organic farmers. Localized fertilization is thus also possible in organic farming, allowing for better crop start-up and greater fertilizer efficiency.

Progress P100

Sowing companion plants

Sowing companion plants with main crops reduces parasite pressure and crop soiling. For example, a combined (untreated) rapeseed will be 78% less attacked by weevils than a single (untreated) rapeseed (Arvalis, 2019).

plantes mélangées

Sowing mixtures

Our multi-hopper seeders make it easy to seed mixed species. These species mixtures have the advantage of limiting pest attacks and swarding, and result in better atmospheric nitrogen fixation by legumes, and therefore better nitrogen nutrition for grasses (ESA, 2007).

pH des sols

Managing soil pH

Liming helps to rebalance the pH (around 6.8), resulting in better availability of nutrients in the soil, and a reduction in the amount of chemical fertilizers required.

Methys HDS 4

Limiting carbon emissions

Deep tillage releases organic carbon in the form of CO2 into the atmosphere: ploughed soil releases 1,597 kg/ha of CO2 vs. 154 kg/ha of CO2 for shallow stubble cultivation (Reicosky, 2014).

gérer les adventices

Mechanical weed management after seeding

E. Drive technology enables us to easily seed every other row by automatically blocking the seed lines, thus facilitating the use of mechanical weeding equipment and providing a solution to the problem of not using remedial herbicides.

Methys PCS

Mechanical weed management before seeding

HDS and PCS methys are used to manage weeds in intercropping, providing a complementary solution to herbicides for controlling weed infestation.

maxidrill 1

Locate fertilization at seeding

Localized fertilization of spring barley saves 17kg of nitrogen per hectare, and yields a gain of 3.4 qtx/ha compared with broadcast nitrogen fertilization (Arvalis, 2010).

Burel group, specialist builder since 1936

Burel group, a specialist manufacturer since 1936, designs, produces and markets soil preparation, seeding and fertilization solutions to meet the needs of every farmer.

Drawing our strength from our values of Confidence, Audacity, Responsibility and Commitment (CARE), BUREL Group accelerates the development of solutions that help farmers achieve better environmental, social and economic performance by taking care of our soils.

Our aim is to ensure the long-term future and development of the company while respecting its values. To do this, while respecting our values, BUREL Group wants to emphasize the following commitments:

Commitment to our customers: We are committed to improving customer satisfaction by offering quality products and services. We will ensure that our products are reliable and environmentally friendly. We also promote ethical and transparent practices.

Commitment to our suppliers: We recognize the importance of our suppliers. We will be working closely with them to reinforce our requirements in terms of safety, quality and social and environmental responsibility.

Commitment to our employees: We regard our employees as our most valuable asset. We are committed to ensuring their health, safety and well-being at work. We encourage their professional development and want them to work in a stimulating environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

To make the deployment of these ambitions solid, we rely on the ISO 9001 standard. The quality management system will enable us to :

  • Mastering group management
  • Making the most of everyone’s know-how
  • Provide traceability for all the company’s value chains
  • Continuously improve the company’s performance and quality image

Burel Group is committed to providing the necessary means and resources within its companies to implement its raison d’être and improve its organization.

Everyone plays a part in guaranteeing the quality of life within the company, as well as the quality of our products for our customers.

Take care of your soil

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