X40+ and X50+ mounted fertilizer spreaders: Optimize your fertilizer applications in field crops


Control and manage your fertilization projects with performances that will delight the most demanding users:

  • Exceptional spreading regularity
  • On very large widths up to 50 m
  • Outstanding throughput
  • Extra-large capacity up to 4200 l
  • Simplified logistics
  • Simple, stress-free adjustment

7-year warranty

Sky is now offering a 7-year anti-perforation corrosion warranty for its DX, X, and XT fertiliser distributors, manufactured from 1 September 2019.

The features X40+ and X50+


When weighing rhymes with profitability

A recognized weighing system with dual weighing chassis, ultra-capacitive 10T load cell and 4 leaf springs.

The benefits of weighing :

No more repeated flow tests! 5-10% fertilizer savings In-cab weighing information display

nappe en croissant

3D view = spreading reality

The fruit of 30 years' collaboration with IRSTEA (formerly CEMAGREF), our knowledge of the fertilizer table is unrivalled:

Control of large widths, taking into account all groundwater parameters Fertilizer distribution by height, width and depth The development of the CEMIB test bench gave us a 3D view of the actual fertilizer slick.


Distribution precision is more than just words...

Epsilon System patent enables multi-coating, guaranteeing optimum distribution

4 “pure” layers of fertilizer per tray :
  • Rigorous two-stream channelling of pellets as soon as they reach the paddles
  • Maintains this distribution throughout centrifugal acceleration, regardless of flow rate/ha

Digital technology for complete collections

  • Optimum crossover between outward and return flow sheets
  • Even spreading across very wide widths
réglage grande largeur X50+

When "wide width" adjustment becomes child's play!

Width adjustment by "infinitely" adjustable chute by changing the feed point on the disc Rely on your safety No sprockets, plates or even blades to handle, especially when spreading late. Work width adjustment is carried out at a safe distance from moving parts!

Controlling throughput/ha means controlling margins

1. Oscillating flow regulator
Better than an agitator, it's self-destructing on headlands and field ends!

2. Record flow
Up to 520 kg/min


Fertilize your borders instantly without getting out of the tractor!

Whether your field border touches a watercourse, a house, a road or a cultivated plot, choose the edging method that's right for you!

100% electric

Electric control from the cab without leaving the tractor No hydraulic distributor Zero broken grain

In keeping with the logic of modifying the drop point No alteration of your fertilizer

Simplify your settings

  • Customise your machines
  • Save your settings
  • Save your work
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Technical data

TYPE X 40+ X 40+ X 40+
Working width 12-44 m(1) 12-44 m(1) 12-44 m(1)
Flush hopper capacity 1900 / 2050 l 2500 / 2650 l 3000 / 3200 l
Overall width 2,70 m 2,70 m 2,98 m
Useful loading width 2,31 m 2,31 m 2,81 m
Loading height 1,23 m 1,41 m 1,52 m
Loading depth 1,17 m 1,17 m 1,17 m
Weight (indicative) weighed version 540 kg 570 kg 585 kg
Payload 3000 kg 3000 kg 3000 kg

(1) For optimum working quality, choose the blade set best suited to your application: EV 12-18 m, EV 18-28 m, EV 24-36 m

TYPE X 50+ X 50+ X 50+
Working width 24-50 m* 24-50 m* 24-50 m*
Flush hopper capacity 2400 / 2600 l 3200/ 3400 l 4000 / 4200 l
Overall width 2,98 m 2,98 m 2,98 m
Useful loading width 2,81 m 2,81 m 2,81 m
Loading height 1,26 m 1,44 m 1,62 m
Loading depth 1,17 m 1,17 m 1,17 m
Weight (indicative) weighed version 670 kg 705 kg 730 kg
Payload capacity 4000 kg 4000 kg 4000 kg

* For optimum working quality, choose the blade set best suited to your application: EV 24-36 m, EV 32-44 m or EV 40-50 m.

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