XR rotary harrows: double the work rate

Herses Rotatives Cultiline XR

SKY rotary harrows are ideal for combined operation

The XR is a mounted tillage tool with two rows of serrated discs.
Available in 3.00 m, 3.50 m and 4.00 m versions, it stands out for its ability to work at speeds in excess of 12 km/h.

The features XR

débits de chantier Cultiline XR

3.5 ha per hour in 3 m!

High work rates: thanks to its 415 mm-diameter X-shaped discs, the XR tool is suitable for mulch work at speeds of between 12 and 15 km/h. It achieves performances of 3.5 ha per hour in 3 m.Chassis made from reinforced steel

moteur Cultiline XR

Unbeatable running costs

With no PTO and low engine speeds, fuel savings are maximized. The XR tool will cut your implementation costs in half compared with an animated tool.

semence Cultiline XR

Seedbed preparation is perfected

The flow of soil is levelled by a comb harrow located just behind the two rows of discs. The roller ensures that the soil is reconsolidated before the sowing units pass through (choice of Packer 550, Gravity or Tracker roller).

schéma Cultiline HR XR

The XR, more versatile than ever

Xeos TF and Progress, more versatile than ever: Xeos TF can be combined with either the XR module or a SKY HR power harrow. The modularity of the system makes it a first-rate ally from the very first seedlings right through to the end of the season, particularly in wet conditions.

Technical data

TYPE XR 3000 XR 3500 XR 4000
Working width 3,00 m 3,50 m 4,00 m
Number of disc rows 2 2 2
Number of disks 22 26 30
Disc type Crénelé en Niaux 200 Crénelé en Niaux 200 Crénelé en Niaux 200
Power (combined with XEOS Pro) 150-210 hp 175-240 hp 220-300 hp
Weight Packer roller Ø 550 mm 1441 kg 1620 kg 1816 kg
Roller weight Tracker Ø 550 mm spacing 150 mm 1587 kg 1806 kg 2023 kg
Roller weight Gravity Ø 520 mm 1420 kg 1527 kg 1723 kg

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