Scalpeur SKY Methys PCS: precise soil monitoring

Methys PCS

The Methys PCS

Innovation lies in redesigning a machine to optimize its operation, energy consumption and environmental impact.

The features Methys PCS

Scalpeur SKY Methys PCS

Unique horizontal and vertical clearance for perfect ground tracking

They were used before the arrival of synthetic total weedkillers. Today's energy and climate contexts have changed. The total redesign of a scalper led us to meet the following objectives :

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Scalp at 3cm across the entire width to maintain freshness and limit CO2 emissions
  • Keep crop residues on the surface => have plenty of clearance to avoid blockages with a tine tool
  • Ability to work with heavy plant cover

Extremely low power consumption and uncompromising scalping quality

  • Control of shallow working depth 7 ground support points, perfect ground tracking
  • 12 depth control wheels
  • 3-dimensional control with isostatically supported chassis/extensions and 3D deformable structure
  • Machine really trailed to avoid tractor movements during forward travel
  • Low fuel consumption (3l/ha second pass and 6.5l/ha first pass)
scalpeur agriculture conservation des sol

A scalper adapted to conservation farming

Large clearance to eliminate blockages: destruction of plant cover, management of large volumes of harvest residues) Penetration power for 1st pass stubble ploughing (even with large quantities of straw) Limit soil disturbance by being able to work precisely at shallow depths of 2 to 11 cm

Technical data

Working width (m) 3 3,93 6
Transport width (m) 3 2,50 2,50
Transport height (m) _ 2,162 3,196
Number of teeth 14 19 29
Working depth 2-11 2-11 2-11
Working speed 6-10 6-10 6-10
Power requirements 80-100 110-150 150-190
Weight (indicative) (Kg) 1250 1950 2400
Working width (m) 6 8
Transport width (m) 3 3
Transport height (m) 2,984 4
Number of teeth 29 39
Working depth 2-11 2-11
Working speed 6-10 6-10
Power requirements 110-210 190-270
Weight (indicative) (Kg) 5600 6300

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