S25 Fertilizer Spreader: site throughput and versatility


Maximum hourly productivity

  • For organic fertilizers, powders or granules
  • Regular spreading by double plate Ø 550 mm
  • Trailed spreader offering up to 2.5 t payload without exceed the “Vigne-arbo special” gauge by 1.40 m overall (1.80 m row spacing without the use of a straddle planter)

The features S25

Ultra-reliable dosages/hectare

Even on sloping plots:

SKY-exclusive universal flow calibration scale. Extra large infeed conveyor Perfectly designed hopper slopes DPA device, as on "crop" type bulk spreaders


High performance

Spreading width from 1 to 12 m (depending on product and dose/ha) Spreading rate with mechanical DPA: from 100 to 10500 l/ha over 6 m (depending on product). spreading rate with hydraulic DPA (optional): from 100 to 21330 l/ha over 6 m (depending on product) SREA-approved as a transport vehicle


Basic equipment

  • Adjustable drawbar (height and length) with fixed ring
  • Special transmission with torque limiter 540 rpm
  • Manual parking brake
  • Retractable jockey wheel (Ø 250 x 85 mm)
  • Hydraulically operated DPA clutch (1 SE)
  • Tires 10.0/75 x 15 (Ø 760 mm x width 264 mm)
  • Double deck Ø 550 mm with mechanical drive
  • Adjustable locators for two rows or row spacing
  • Adjustable flaps and deflectors to reduce spreading width
  • Flow calibration scale
  • Ramp lighting and signage

Main options

  • Hydraulic DPM kit in addition to mechanical DPA (1 SE with free return)
  • Hydraulic plate drive (1 SE with free return)
  • Hydraulic brake control
  • Rear protective cover
  • Rear chain locks
  • 500-litre extension (H = 200 mm)
  • 12.5/80 X 18 tires (Ø 965 x 323 mm)
  • 33% reduction guillotine trap for small dosages (40 to 200 liters over 12 m)

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