Trailed fertilizer spreader XT 100 / 130 / 160: up to 90 ha per hour


Whether you’re a farmer or a contractor, you’ll be impressed by our efficiency!

The new XT generation pushes the limits of performance.

With working widths of up to 50 m in granular form and maximum capacities of 15,500 liters, these trailed fertilizer spreaders offer unrivalled productivity.

At ease both on the road and in the field, the XT is approved for use with a full hopper.

7-year warranty

Sky is now offering a 7-year anti-perforation corrosion warranty for its DX, X, and XT fertiliser distributors, manufactured from 1 September 2019.

The features XT100 / 130 / 160

Outstanding throughputs

High-performance, completely versatile

  • With granulated fertilizer, work with your agricultural fertilizer spreader over widths from 18 to 50 m with mechanical drive.
  • Up to 5 tonnes/ha with wet bulk or organic pellets
  • One machine for many applications: all configurations are available and interchangeable depending on the product to be spread, whether granules or other bulk, organic pellets or powder.

Take your pick!

In pellet form, take advantage of a tried-and-tested device on the range of mounted spreaders, plus record autonomy. The granulated discs are fitted as standard with Epsilon System blades = 2 jets per blade for complete coverage.

That’s 90 ha per hour, for example, spreading 300 kg/ha at 18 km/h over a working width of 50 m.

Heavy-duty 700 mm steel discs: from 3 to 5 tons/ha

précision débit

Flow accuracy

Mechanical belt drive by crown and pinion, for a flow rate strictly proportional to forward speed and totally insensitive to slippage, whatever the terrain.

800 mm wide feed conveyor with permanent self-centering (cylindrical-conical drive rollers) and hopper slopes ideally suited to the flow of bulk materials.

XT130 4

The XT adopts the Econov section cut-off


12 spreading sections and all possible combinations. For example, we can open a single section to the outside


Unique management of the curved shape of the spreading surface: Exemplary fertilizer distribution

The ISOBUS QUARTZ 800 console

  • 12 spreading sections for all working widths with ALL possible combinations
  • Management, unique on the market, of the actual shape of the spread pattern… in CURVE!
  • Ultra-precise control of the target area and dose, right down to the tips and ends of fields.
  • Guidance is permanently displayed on the same page as machine information.
  • Possibility of GPS-based dose modulation with independent management of left and right sides.

Reaching 15% fertilizer savings is now within your reach!

Simplify your settings

  • Customise your machines
  • Save your settings
  • Save your work
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Technical data

TYPE XT100 XT130 XT160
Working width 18-50 m 18-50 m 18-50 m
Hopper capacity 7200 l 9500 l 13000 l
Overall width 2.50 to 3.00 m** (2.50 to 3.00 m) 2.50 to 3.00 m** (2.50 to 3.00 m) 2.50 to 3.00 m** (2.50 to 3.00 m)
Loading height 2.32 to 2.69 m** (2.32 to 2.69 m**) 2.55 to 2.85 m** (2.55 to 2.85 m**) 2.78 to 2.94 m** (2.78 to 2.94 m**)
Power requirements (minimum) 80 to 100 hp 90 to 110 hp 120 to 140 hp
Tare weight (minimum) 2500 kg 2800 kg 3900 kg
Axle / No. of axles 90 mm /10 100 mm / 10 140 mm / 10
Pneumatic 18,4 x 30 23.1 x 26 600/60 x 30,5
GVW 10000 kg 12000 / 12500 kg** 15900 kg

* Depending on tires

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