XT trailed fertilizer spreader: outstanding work rates

tapis XT

3° inclined belt, the best technological choice

  • The incline allows excellent emptying from the rear of the machine, avoiding any settling in front of the hatch.
  • The higher weight at the front of the loaded hopper transfers the load to the tractor for maximum grip.
  • Even when unladen, the machine is particularly stable, for undisputed ride comfort.

7-year warranty

Sky is now offering a 7-year anti-perforation corrosion warranty for its DX, X, and XT fertiliser distributors, manufactured from 1 September 2019.

The features XT160H / 240H

précision débit

Flow accuracy

Mechanical belt drive by crown and pinion, for a flow rate strictly proportional to forward speed and totally insensitive to slippage, whatever the terrain.

800 mm wide infeed conveyor with permanent self-centering (cylindrical-conical drive rollers) and hopper slopes ideally suited to the flow of bulk materials.

The most technologically advanced hydraulic boom on the market

Double row of stainless steel valves.

  • The double row of valves guarantees high dosages right to the end of the boom: 4 tonnes of product per hectare perfectly distributed.
  • As an option, the valves can even be automatically adjusted according to forward speed, for impeccable distribution in all conditions.
  • Boom manages up to 5 sections and 3 spreading widths for maximum precision right down to the last pass

Simplify your settings

  • Customise your machines
  • Save your settings
  • Save your work
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Technical data

Hopper capacity 13000 l 15500 l
Overall width 2.55 to 3.00 m 2.55 to 3.00 m
Loading height 2.78 to 2.94 m* (2.78 to 2.94 m) 3.06 to 3.14 m* (3.06 to 3.14 m*)
Power requirements 130 to 150 hp 180 to 220 hp
Weight (indicative) weighed version 4900 kg 6900 kg
Axle 140 mm 2 x 140 Tandem (Arr.follower)
Tires 2 x 600/60 x R 30.5 4 x 650/55-R 26.5
GVW 15900 kg 23900 kg
Hopper dimensions 5.35 x 2.06 m 5.35 x 2.06 m
Total length 8,39 m 8,39 m

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