Maxidrill seed drill

Maxidrill P120

After 15 years of development, Maxidrill is positioned
one of the market’s benchmarks.

The largest clearance on the market for fast work in all conditions. The Maxidrill has been designed to withstand the high stresses associated with high working speeds.

The features Maxidrill

maxidrill 1

Available with up to 4 hoppers

In a single pass, the Maxidrill is capable of seeding 4 different products, at 4 different rates, by separating 2 seeding depths, on all rows, or alternating 1 row out of 2, 2 rows out of 3. We have the option of fertilizing in the seed line and sowing 2 products in the same row.

The seeder that makes all the difference at the end of the season

On the Maxidrill, the "transport" and "consolidation" functions are separate. Folding seed drills are fitted with a real axle so as not to penalize roller operation. When working, the axle does not touch the ground.

ligne de semis maxidrill

Seeding line P100

The seeding line is mounted on a 2-beam frame to benefit from 2 identical seeding units and guarantee uniform pressure. This set-up also allows greater clearance between each line. The seed drills are equipped with a depressurizer to deposit seeds without bouncing.

maxidrill 3

A fast, versatile seeder

The Maxidrill can be used on shallow- or deep-tilled soils, or in direct cultivation.

Optimum field monitoring

maxidrill 4

The Maxidrill (Ø 415) discs are mounted on independent arms to ensure excellent ground tracking in all conditions. This ensures even working depth and seedbed quality, especially when obstacles are encountered.

Precise distribution

maxidrill 5

The Maxidrill features highly precise stainless steel distribution: 1 to 450 kg/ha. The flow test is automated and requires no dismantling to change from a small to a large seed.

Quick hopper emptying

maxidrill 6

With a 2-part folding system, you can empty the hopper into a big bag: a time-saving feature! This system gives access to the seed rows, which is very useful for maintenance or disc replacement.

Quick wheel change

maxidrill 7
The roller wheels are mounted in pairs with scrapers. Each pair is staggered. This installation saves up to 25% in power consumption.

In the event of a puncture, the wheel can be changed in just a few minutes. Simply rotate the relevant pair of wheels.
Our record: 58 seconds with 2 people!

maxidrill 8

2 separate air circuits

To sow several products at different densities, the Maxidrill is able to set different pressures in the circuits.

  • No distinction between small and large seeds
  • No risk of clogging between fertilizer and seed
  • Management of 2 differentiated depths
  • No risk of germ burn for certain fertilizers
  • If the fertilizer clogs, the seed always runs off

Technical data

Maxidrill P120 3m Maxidrill P120 4m Maxidrill P120 4m W Maxidrill P120 6m W
Working width 3m 4m 4m 6m
Transport width 3m 4m 3m 3m
Distribution Pneumatics Pneumatics Pneumatic Pneumatic
Hopper capacity 3,000 liters 3,000 liters 3,000 liters 4,100 liters
Hopper distribution
(with Fertisem)
60/40: 1,760 l + 1,240 l
45/55: 1 440 l + 1 560 l
95/5: 2,900 l + 100 l
60/40: 1,760 l + 1,240 l
45/55: 1 440 l + 1 560 l
95/5: 2,900 l + 100 l
60/40: 1,760 l + 1,240 l
45/55: 1 440 l + 1 560 l
95/5: 2,900 l + 100 l
60/40: 2,450 l + 1,650l
45/55: 1,800 l + 2,300 l
95/5: 4,000 l + 100 l
Hopper capacity Pro 120 liters 120 liters 120 liters 120 liters
Row spacing 15 cm 14.3 cm 14.3 cm 15 cm
Weight without options 4,200 kg 5 550 kg 6,750 kg 8 350 kg
Number of rows 20 rows 28 rows 28 rows 40 rows
Number of tool discs 24 disks 32 disks 32 disks 48 disks
Power requirements 105 to 150 hp 120 to 180 horsepower 140 to 200 horsepower 210 to 300 hp
Tires 600/50 R22,5 700/40 R22,5
Number of distributors 1 SE + free return for turbine
1 ED for adjustment and lifting
1 SE for tracers
1 SE + free return for turbine
1 ED for adjustment and lifting
1 SE for tracers
1 SE + free return for turbine
1 DE for folding
1 DE for tracers
1 DE for axle
1 SE + free return for turbine
1 DE for folding
1 DE for tracers
1 DE for axle
Loading height 248 cm 260 cm 260 cm 290 cm
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