The Progress M seeder for successful seeding


The simple, robust seeder at your service, whatever the situation

With its modern design, the Progress M seeder is robust and reliable. Thanks to carefully thought-out functions and easy settings, it’s ready to meet your most demanding requirements. Designed to stand the test of time, the Progress M seeder will prove a profitable purchase for years to come.

  • Working width: 3 metres
  • Hopper capacity: 1000L
  • Seeding line: coulters or discs (30kg)

The features Progress M

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Test it in all circumstances

With its modern design, your Progress M seeding combination is robust and reliable.

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Enjoy simple, reliable settings

Thanks to carefully thought-out functions and easy settings, the Progress M seeding combination ensures successful seeding campaigns.

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Secure your purchase for years to come

Designed to stand the test of time, your Progress M seeding combination will prove to be a profitable purchase for years to come.

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A lightweight, easy-to-handle handset

The rear-mounted distribution head moves the seeder forward, so that the center of gravity is as close as possible to the tractor. Sowing unit operation is totally controlled from the cab, thanks to the free space provided by the hopper.

Uniform seeding depth

Versatile seeding units: the seeding units follow the soil perfectly, thanks to the seeder’s support on the roller. Pneumatic seed drills

Progress M is available in two versions: Progress M P20 with 2 rows of coulters (20 kg) or Progress M P30 with coulter pressure up to 30 kg.

Progress M 8

An efficient seeder in all circumstances

Genuine functional ergonomics: the shape of the hopper, wide and deep, makes it easy to load your seed drill. The folding staircase, handrail, rigid lid handles and wide walkway give you easy, safe access to the seed hopper and distributor head.

The flow rate test is carried out at the rear of the seeder from a single control station.

Technical data

Seeder M P20 or P30
Width (m) 3.00
Hopper capacity (l) 1000
Number of rows 20 24
Row spacing (cm) 15 12.5
Weight (kg) 720* 760*
Filling height (cm) 189
Loading dimensions (cm) 124×184

* P30 electric seed drill

Rotary harrow HR160
Width (m) 3.00
Power (hp) 160
Number of rotors 12
Weight (kg) (with packer roller) 1367
Coupling cat. II
Rotor rotation frequency
1000 rpm standard option
Sprockets 29/36 26/39 32/33 33/32
Series 160 speeds 341 283 411 437

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