XEOS TF: Your versatile front hopper

The seeder designed for contractors and arable farming

The XEOS TF front-mounted hopper is a major asset for all contractors and farmers in search of performance and profitability. A versatile fertilizer/seeder, it is indispensable and economical when used regularly throughout the year, from spring to autumn, including cover crops in summer.

  • Working width: 3 to 6 metres
  • Hopper capacity: 1000 to 1800 liters Number of rows: 20 to 40 rows

7-year warranty

Sky is now offering a 7-year anti-perforation corrosion warranty for its DX, X, and XT fertiliser distributors, manufactured from 1 September 2019.

The features TF

Semoir Xeos TF 1

Take advantage of its versatility

Its modularity means you can seed all year round, in all conditions: cereal sowing in autumn, fertilizing in spring, or planting cover crops in summer.

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Choose the seeding line that's right for you

The Xeos TF front-mounted hopper can be combined with a wide range of Sky seedbeds, from 3.00 m to 6 m working width.

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Balance the loads on your tractor

The front-mounted hopper means better load balance on the tractor, less load on the rear axle and reduced soil compaction.

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A versatile handset

A doser with record-breaking performance

Equipped with the ADS system, the universal feeder offers an unprecedented adjustment range from 1 to 450 kg/ha, or even the ability to apply fertilizer without changing the flute! Accessibility and ergonomics: the flow test is carried out very quickly, with no need for dismantling, and the hopper can be emptied completely in an instant.

Semoir Xeos TF

Duo hopper: 2 products in 1 pass

A single control interface

Available with a 70-liter capacity, the DUO hopper is fully integrated into the main seed drill, enabling a second product to be applied to the row as close as possible to the main seed.

Speed control is provided by a single radar sensor for the 2 feeders, which are managed independently of each other. Dose setting and control from a single interface!

High-precision dosing

The DUO hopper doses products with great precision, from 0.5 to 15 kg/ha, thanks to 3 independent metering wheels. Its stainless steel feeder is driven by an electric motor. A pushbutton initiates the flow test in the immediate vicinity of the hopper >.

4 choix d'enterrage

4 burial options

The right seed line for every need

SKY offers numerous versions of seeding lines to be combined with the XEOS TF front-mounted hopper: Seeding lines from 3.00 m fixed to 6.00 m folding, in the P20 version, with 3 true rows, for its simplicity and efficiency, in the P50 version, double disc on parallelogram, for its high precision, or in the P100 version, single notched disc, for its versatility.

Semoir Xeos TF 5

P20 folding seeding line

The P20 coulter system uses 3 rows of trailing shares. It offers 330 mm of clearance between each row.

This system allows you to sow on ploughing or on careful stubble ploughing, thanks to its very high capacity for evacuating plant debris, even in tight inter-rows.

As standard, terrage pressure is adjusted by a centralized, graduated control. The high-strength cast-iron plowshare stem, the anti-clogging valve (especially for plough seeding) and the "anti-pianotage" device (pressure-mounted spring) make the P20 a "safe bet".

Semoir Xeos TF 6

Fixed and folding P30 seeding line

The sowing units follow the soil perfectly, thanks to the seeder's support on the roller with a 2-row coulter system, with up to 30 kg of coulter pressure with a double-acting spring.

Semoir Xeos TF 7

P50 folding seeding line: the double disc par excellence

The P50 seeding line, with its press roller, is your ideal ally for all your seeding needs, even in the driest conditions.

The ground tracking provided by the individual parallelogram allows perfect seeding over a wide range of forward speeds. The double offset disc deposits the seed with precision even at speeds in excess of 10 km/h. Centralized depth adjustment is quick and easy, thanks to simple, clear and precise markings.

For good emergence, your seeds need optimum resprouting quality adapted to climatic conditions. That's why the P50 re-bracing system is depth-independent, offering you pressure in constant increments of up to 50Kg per element.

Semoir Xeos TF 8

P100 fixed or folding seeding unit: the most efficient seeding unit on the market

After harvest and in early autumn, the front-mounted hopper performs a considerable amount of work, with record output. In dry or extremely wet conditions, the XEOS TF coupled with the P100 seeding line allows you to sow while controlling a quality seed when others stop sowing.

This seeding line applies up to 100 kg of individual pressure: a welcome boost in dry conditions, when seeding deep, as with faba beans, or at high forward speeds. With its large notched disc (410 mm) and integrated press wheel, it provides the necessary aggressiveness on the seeding line and effective seed sealing in dry conditions.

Xeos TF E-Drive

E-Drive à la carte control

The piloted distribution head (when all rows are equipped with actuators) offers all possible tramline combinations, the possibility of creating a half-seeder, seeding 1 row out of 2… All you have to do is make your choice, and E-DRIVE executes it – a major asset when you’re a contractor.

Semoir Xeos TF 9

Technical data


Number of hoppers 1 2
Capacity (L) 1000 1500 1800 1500 + 70 1800 + 70
Filling height (cm) 86×192 86×192 86×25 86×192 86×251
Loading height (cm) 125 143 148 143 148
Total height (cm) 156 174 179 174 179
Weight (indicative) (Kg) 590 613 627 663 677

Fixed seeding line P100 kg

TYPE P100 P100 P100
Working width 3,00 m 3,50 m 4,00 m
Number of rows 20 24 28
Spacing in cm 15 14,5 14,3
Weight in kg 1190 1400 1565

To be specified when ordering: Tramlining, specify track and type of tramline, symmetrical or asymmetrical.

P100 folding seeding line

TYPE P100 P100 P100 P100
Working width 4,00 m 4,50 m 5,00 m 6,00 m
Number of rows 28 30 32 40
Spacing in cm 14,3 15 15,6 15
Weight in Kg 1600 1700 1750 2000

1) Overall width greater than 3.50 m

P50 fixed seeding line

TYPE P50 P50 P50 P50 P50 P50
Working width 3,00 m 3,00 m 3,50 m 3,50 m 4,00 m 4,00 m
Number of rows 20 24 24 28 28 32
Spacing in cm 15 12,5 14,6 12,5 14,2 12,5
Max. weight 750 kg 810 kg 830 kg 890 kg 910 kg 970 kg

P50 folding seeding line

TYPE P50 P50 P50 P50 P50 P50 P50
Working width 4,00 m 4,00 m 4,50 m 4,50 m 5,00 m 5,00 m 6,00 m
Number of rows 28 32 32 36 32 40 40
Spacing in cm 14,3 12,5 14 12,5 15,6 12,5 15
Weight in Kg 930 995 1010 1075 1020 1150 1170

P20 or P30 folding seeding line

TYPE P20 or P30 P20 or P30 P20 or P30 P20 or P30 P20 or P30 P20 or P30 P20 or P30
Working width 4,00 m 4,00 m 4,50 m 4,50 m 5,00 m 5.00 m 6,00 m
Number of rows 28 32 32 36 32 40 40
Spacing in cm 14,3 12,5 14 12,5 15.6 12.5 15
Weight in kg 1035 1035 1100 1100 1170 1170 1200
Xeos TF 13

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