The SKY Agriculture Company mostly takes care of simplified and direct drilling solutions, in France and for exportation. Thus, the trailed seed drills product range is composed of the Maxi Drill and Easy Drill models.

Maxi Drill

<span lang='fr'>Le Maxi Drill au travail</span>The solution to reach productivity records. Combining cultivation with drilling thanks to a two-disc rows preparation module, the Maxi Drill allows seeding on a stubble ploughed soil but also behind a plough. The possibility to target the drilling fertilisation or to plant different species at varying doses and depths constitutes the main innovation of this seed drill model.
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Easy Drill

Easy Drill model - 3mThe solution for users wishing to change for direct drilling with a nurse crop. This seed drill is characterized by a minimal horizon disruption. The Easy Drill thus offers a high penetration quality of the drilling element and a totally controlled press wheel. Today, this model can come with a compartmentalisation, regardless of the widths, allowing the simultaneous addition of two products with two doses and depths.
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FACA Rollers

Rouleau FACAThe solution to damage and put cover crops down. The knives damage the plant but they must not turn the ground over to avoid re-sprouting. It is possible to weight on the roller to increase its aggressiveness. The SKY roller is at the front of the tractor, which gives the possibility of combining the cover destruction with a seed drill or a disc harrow. Our range is made of 11 models from 3m to 6m, fixed or folding. Learn more about the FACA Rollers

Disc harrow DDI

TW6The solution for surface stubble ploughing: the intensive mulching of crops’ residues and the destruction of plant covers. The DDI product range offers 11 models going from 3m00 to 9m50. The discs are concave and corrugated, thus maximising the mixing and cutting of the residues. The disc pressure reaches about 150kgs, thus ensuring a constant working depth with no tapping effects. The disc harrow remains steady while working because the axle is in the centre of the chassis. Finally, the depth’s setting is hydraulic from the drivers’ position.
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Tine cultivator DDE

DDE TW 5The multipurpose tine harrow has 4 rows. It can do everything! The DDE range comprises 4 trailed models from 4m80 to 8m15. With a 840mm height below the chassis and 4 real rows of tines without wheel, the DDE tine harrow is not affected by packing. Use the flaps in shallow stubble ploughing and full scalping or without the flaps for deep loosening. Learn more on the Tine cultivator